Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Soul, Depleted

I think that raising kids to be decent human beings is one of the hardest things a person is ever asked to do.  It’s constant, and can often feel not unlike banging your head against a rock.  On good days, the angels sing, and on bad days, the most stanch and unfaltering mothers will weep.  On particularly bad days, I think raising children is like having your soul sucked right out of your body, just like the Dementors do in the Harry Potter book series.  I’ve read that the author, JK Rowling, wrote about these creatures when reflecting on a period of severe depression, but maybe this depiction could be a sub-conscious metaphor that she used, because as everybody knows she was a single mom when she wrote those books.  If I, a married mother of two half-grown children with no outside job to speak of, at times regards her offspring as soul-sucking zombies that thrive only by depleting her, then I’m sure the creator of Harry Potter felt the same way while she was busy working, writing, and raising a child.  Can I get a Hells Yeah, JK Rowling?


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