Monday, September 12, 2011

Top 5 Brattiest Things I’ve Said to my Husband

I’m rarely proud about anything I do, but there are some times when I’m positively aghast at my dreadful personality.  The following are a few ugly things I’ve said to my husband, who most likely didn't deserve it:

 #1:  You know, unloading the dishwasher won’t be an option for you next week when I go on my vacation with the girls.

#2:  Why don’t you go outside and come back with a new attitude?

#3:  I’ll make it easy on you.  I’ll do it when I want; then you don’t have to worry about asking me to do it.

 #4:  You paid the credit card bill with the wrong account and now we are overdrawn.  The check for (our daughter)'s dance school tuition bounced, so I can't show my face at the studio because we look like deadbeats.

 #5:  Please don’t touch me with your feet.  I feel like you’re making my leg stink.



  1. Just discovered your blog and have enjoyed quite a few laughs. Thank you. You're adorable. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. #5. Oh my word......I'm pretty sure I've said that. Or something very similar, about other unmentionable stinky body parts.

    1. I will always maintain that stinky body parts beget stinky body parts from the slightest contact.