Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Falling Off

The trouble with falling off a horse is that you’ve got to get back on it.  And everybody knows that getting on a horse is the hardest thing in the world to do.

Unless you’re trying to write a blog and you’ve taken a few days off and want to start up again but Christmas is coming which freaks you out because everyone in your neighborhood is fully decorated for Christmas and even Hanukah and you aren’t and you realize that you threw out many of your old Christmas decorations last year because they were getting shabby and you swore you’d make time to buy new ones this year and you’re wondering why you make promises like that to yourself and you still have Christmas shopping to do which is OMG TORTURE and you need to spend every extra minute at the mall or online shopping or sending Christmas lists to grandmas and aunts and uncles or at the gym or cleaning your house or putting away Halloween decorations and you volunteered to help out at school and you should really get your hair cut and maybe do something about all that gray and EVERY SINGLE charity is sending you donation envelopes which leave you racked with guilt because you can’t give all your money away because you need to save some for the gifts for friends and family that you haven’t yet bought but somehow have to and then you have to wrap them all OMG YOU HAVE TO WRAP THEM ALL and you have to find at least six babysitters from now until January and you need to call those friends and change the date of your get-together because your husband’s work party is that night and you have to have that talk with your husband where you tell him that if he wants to send Christmas cards then it is all on him and you realize that your kids both have basketball practice and dentist appointments and band concerts and special assemblies and your husband’s work travel schedule goes until December 23 so it’s really all on you and you’d like to take some time to slow down and maybe make some Christmas cookies or at least a giant bowl of eggnog into which you’d like to drown yourself or at least somehow get into the Christmas spirit that you remember from your childhood or maybe even your twenties before you became that crazy Christmas lady who listens to Christmas music three weeks before Thanksgiving and talks about how stressful the holidays are.

Yes, getting back on that horse is a tricky, tricky thing.  Especially if you’re not a cowboy.



  1. I love this - in a misery-loves-company kind of way. My kids aren't even in school yet and I suspect that things will feel even crazier at this time of year once they are.

  2. Thank you! Oh my. The school thing just adds a whole new dimension to the crazy which consumes Christmas. Which makes me nuts because they have 180 days to spread that crap out.