Monday, December 19, 2011


Yep, that pretty much sums up what’s going on in my head these days.  All that’s rattling around in there is garbage like appointments, get-togethers, kids’ activities, shopping, and Christmas.  Each day and night this week is jam-packed with stuff to do before Christmas.  It all points to Christmas, and it’s making me nuts.

My husband told me a week ago that I needed to change my attitude about Christmas.  He’s right.  He knows it.  I don’t even care that he knows it.  I am too worn out and strung out on Christmas to care.

When will I learn that Christmas is a time for joy, love, peace, and goodwill?  But mostly peace?

I have been unable to truly enjoy this season for years.  My main complaint is that everything seems to intensify the week before the actual holiday.  Each day that goes by finds me a little more stressed, a little more frantic, a little more unable to function adequately.  Why does the calendar fill up the week before Christmas?  I want to enjoy these days.  I started Christmas shopping two weeks before Thanksgiving so I could enjoy these days.

Each year I try to change something about the way I approach Christmas so that it wouldn’t seem so stressful.  Last year I programmed my DVR to catch Christmas specials on TV so I wouldn’t have to remember to watch them with the kids, thereby making wonderful Christmas memories.  The result was that my constantly at-capacity DVR required me to filter through and delete watched and unwatched Christmas specials daily.  Maybe I watched one Christmas special with the kids last year, and I’m sure it was punctuated with me screaming at the kids to “come and watch this show with me, we have exactly one hour before we have your band concert/shopping for Daddy/Christmas baking to do!!”  This year I realized that I don’t have many memories of watching Christmas specials on TV as a kid, and my kids have watched them on DVD so many times at other times of the year that they don’t even care about them anymore.

A few years ago I gave up Christmas cards.  I weaned myself off of it, only sending to those people from whom I received one.  The problem is that there’s always a friend or twenty who wait until after the holidays to send their cards, and I ran out of cards and patience long before then.  The next year I quit cold turkey, and I don’t even give them a second thought until they start arriving in the mail each year.  The guilt of not sending Christmas cards looms larger each time I open a card from one of my caring friends and neighbors and family members who obviously were granted extra hours in the day to do Christmas cards.

The cleaning, the house guests.  The traveling and being a house guest.  Both my and my husband’s families are from out of town.  Which means that if we want to see family for Christmas, we either travel or they travel to see us the weeks leading up to Christmas.  We have awesome families and we have an awesome time with all the members of each of our families.  The people are not the problem.  It’s the time spent traveling, or preparing to travel, or preparing to have travelers.  This all needs to be done at the exact same time all the other end-of-year stuff is happening.  For instance, during a normal busy time of year, the housecleaning is the first thing to go.  However, when Christmas is coming, I like the house to be somewhat clean, because I know my relatives don’t want to use my bathrooms in the same state that my family and I use them.  Like, in that what’s-this-stuff-all-over-the-mirror, and are-you-planning-on-using-this-hair-on-the-floor-to-knit-a-sweater kind of state.

It just goes on and on.  I’ve already spent too much time writing about it, because I’ve got Christmas stuff to do.  Peace and goodwill, y’all.


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