Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back To Life

There’s nothing like coming off of a frenzied two-week hiatus from everything normal to make a person feel like a Boss.

Of Laziness.

I kind of wandered around all day today, doing little things here and there, reading an article, laughing at Twitter, responding to emails and making phone calls.  I tied up some loose ends and created a dozen more.

The all-encompassing holiday madness, in all its rush and flurry, has ended.  I made it through, skidding out of it on my rear end which may or may not be several millimeters or centimeters or inches larger in all directions due to all the traditionally unrelenting eating and drinking.  And drinking.

I’m tired and lost.  I no longer have shopping to complain about, no longer feel the stress about having my house ready for company, no more sabotaging Christmas cheer by worrying that we are missing even one second of Christmas cheer.

The end of the holiday season means that I will have to – again – find myself a routine.  I am a routine kind of person.  I need a schedule to follow.  It’s the reason I make lists, keep a calendar, take exercise classes.  I am not a multi-tasker, and I need organization and focus in order to function.

But today, it has eluded me.  I got very few small things done.  I am thankful that there is no longer any pressure of the holidays to deal with, and tomorrow, maybe I’ll be more productive. 

Or maybe not.

This can wait.

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