Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I love Vogue magazine.  I spend hours reading it cover to cover and gaze admiringly at the designs.  I get chills and have gotten a little misty-eyed over the beauty of some of the couture on the pages.  I am not kidding about this.  Tears.  About clothes.

America’s Next Top Model has a permanent place on my DVR, as much for the drama and makeovers of pretty girls into – gasp – models as for seeing what Tyra Banks will be wearing at panel judging each week.

I would watch Sex and the City without sound, thus sacrificing the witty banter and Samantha’s potty mouth, just to see the fashions.  I like to guess what year an episode was aired based on Carrie’s wardrobe choices.  It’s harder when she’s wearing vintage, which she often did, because vintage fashion is fabulous.

The Oscars?  Forget it.  The gowns and jewelry make me drool more than I ever will over the thought of a Christian Bale and Colin Firth sandwich.  That’s significant drool, folks.

You’d think with all this passion for fashion that I’d be a fashion hound. 

In reality, I wear a uniform every day.  It’s comprised of three basic elements: long-sleeved T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

Colors vary, but not much.  I have three pairs of sneakers that take turns – they are all gray.  Different shades, of course.  Sometimes I get a couple of days out of a specific uniform, and that cuts back on the variations.  Last week I wore the same pair of jeans every day, and wore the black shirt twice and the purple shirt twice.

The best part of the uniform is the jeans.  As everyone knows, jeans only need to be washed occasionally.  In fact, the less they are washed, the better they fit and feel.  I don’t care how gross it is.

The fact is that I am a mom.  I work and play in my clothes.  I paint walls and go to breakfast with the girls and run errands in this uniform, all in the same day.  I typically don’t have the time to do multiple wardrobe changes.  Fussy fabrics, heels, and lots of accessories only get in the way.

Plus, my five-dollar rhinestone earrings go with every combination I come up with, so extra accessories aren’t necessary.

My lifestyle stipulates that high fashion is out of my reach, both financially and sensibly.  It doesn’t make me sad, because my uniform fits who I am and how I live my life.  I observe couture from my couch and kitchen table, wearing my jeans and sneakers, and it’s okay.

What’s the point of all of this?  I’m not sure.  But I did give you the image of a Christian Bale and Colin Firth sandwich, so there’s that. 

Try to contain your enthusiasm
for my exciting fashion sense. 

It's kind of embarrassing.


  1. I'm wearing that exact same uniform right now!

  2. I love the uniform. I mean, I love wearing the uniform. And I enjoy looking at fashion, but I get much more drooly over looking at expensive home design. In any event, thanks for the sammich image- although I'd prefer a Colin Firth and Colin Firth version.

  3. Yes, expensive home design is one of my weaknesses too. I'm in a serious mid-century modern phase that has stolen way too many hours recently. I mean, those Eames chairs just aren't going for less than $200 no matter how many times I look at them.