Thursday, February 16, 2012


Just how long does it take to paint a room?

Well, if you’re me, and it takes you much longer to do anything because you just can't drop everything to do something outside of your normal jobs of feeding kids and doing laundry and helping with homework and running to the store and spending time with your husband, it takes a while.

Considering there is no new paint on the walls of the room that is intended to be painted, and we are approaching the fifth day that the room in question has been ripped apart to accommodate a painting project, I’d say it might take longer than five days.

Where, oh where, does the time go?

Besides the grocery store, the school, the kids’ practices, the kitchen, the laundry room, the appointments with friends, the gym, online, in a book, and in front of the TV, I mean.

There’s so much to do.  Sure, my house is a mess, but that corner needs to be vacuumed.  The furniture needs to be dusted, and all those leftover Christmas decorations that I left out as “winter décor” could probably be collected and stored right now.  My bangs – man, they are so long – need a trim.  And while I’m at it, my eyebrows could use a good grooming.  And it’s been a while since I got a haircut, or cut coupons, or wrote back to my friend who touched base with me a week ago.  And the DVR, the blog, and email – sigh.  I’m so behind.

And there are a lot of furniture websites that I have to peruse to find that one really great piece that I have to have – for two hundred dollars or less.

Life just can’t stop, can it? 

Tomorrow.  Tomorrow I will start.  The walls are prepped, the holes are spackled, the paint brushes are selected, the rollers are ready.  It’s time.

But yoga’s at ten, and that other appointment’s at noon, and I probably have to do a little bit of sprucing up before our company comes.

Man, I hate painting.



  1. I haven't painted anything in this house since having kids. I'm guessing it's because laundry now takes up 75% more time than it did with just me and Jon. Or, I'm just unmotivated to actually move all the toys, books, tents, sit and spins, rockers and walker wagons out of a room. Good for you for starting such a big project!

  2. Thanks Martha!! It's been 6 years since we painted; just long enough for me to tire of all those different colors. We're going back to basics, much to my husband's chagrin and shaking of the head. I'm kind of liking the minimalism that's going on here now.