Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Confessional Tuesday on Wednesday

I missed Confessional Tuesday, which is stupid because I instituted it to get an easy blog post in and to help with the blogging block which started when we decided to redo some of the rooms in our home, and I couldn't even get THAT done.

So here's my confession for Tuesday, even though it happened today.

It's not much, but here it is.

Today my daughter was making loud farting noises with her mouth on her elbow.

It was very loud and long and obnoxious, and she did it while I was driving.

I made her stop because I couldn't concentrate on the road.

I couldn't concentrate because I found it hysterical, and I was laughing until tears rolled down my face and I had trouble breathing.

Confession:  I taught her how to make those farting noises.

Perfect form makes a perfect fart, every time.


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