Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Magic of Disney

My husband and I went to Disney World last week.  Alone.  Without the kids.

Now, before you go thinking that we are the Worst Parents Ever for taking a trip to Kid Heaven without the kids…

Yeah.  You’re probably right.

To be fair, my husband had work stuff to do while I busied myself with lying by the pool and reading books that my friends were all talking about a year ago.  Those things you just can’t do with kids along.  Plus, the kids stayed with my parents for a week, and because that is so much better than Disney World in so many ways, they didn’t care that we were going without them. 

This is actually true.  I believe the conversation went like this: 

My husband and I:  “Kids, we are going to Disney World, and you guys are going to your grandparents’ house for the week.”

Kids: “Oh yeah?  We don’t give a rat’s ass.”

Our children are angels.

Anyway, we spent the week doing Adult Disney, which sounds so much naughtier than it is.  We ate at all the restaurants that we wouldn’t have if we’d had the kids with us, and skipped all the rides that looked like we might have to spend more than a second waiting in line. No whining, no asking to buy anything, no melting Mickey ice creams on a stick. 

It was great.

I had planned on taking pictures and using them to write blog posts all week, but since I left our camera at home like a chump, and because I don’t have a camera phone, I chose to suspend the blog and get a massage and a mani-pedi instead.

The real downside of forgetting the camera, other than failing to commemorate our unforgiveable transgression against the children, was that we had to rely on self-portraits taken with my husband’s camera phone. 

Florida in June is hot and steamy and sunny, and it is impossible to review photos on a camera phone because of the glare and the general feeling of being hot and sweaty and on a constant mission to find air conditioning anywhere after being outside for two minutes.

So all of our pics are unreviewed, and because my husband is one of THOSE people who loves to instill jealousy in everyone he knows by sending them pictures of whatever sumptuous location he is in, he posted the following picture on his Facebook page of the two of us having fun in Disney on our last day there.  I couldn’t really see what it looked like when it went out, and I will regret it forever. 

Much more than I will ever regret going to Disney without my children.

OMG.  We LOVE Disney without the kids.

Wait.  WHAT is THAT?

I guess I deserve this,
but just in case you were wondering.



  1. This cracks me up but seriously, what the hell is that???

    1. I think it's a slug. It looks like one, doesn't it? Actually it is just a shadow. Disney magic special.