Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's a Wonderful Life FTW

Not much else makes an old movie-loving mother’s heart soar than having a moment where you realize that your kids also love old movies.

Unless that old movie which you realize they love is also one you love.

Unless that old movie you love is special because it is a movie which stars an actor from your hometown, who is the son of that hometown, who streets and museums are named after, and who you remember hearing about when your great-grandmother would describe where his father’s hardware store was located.

And in the moment that you realize your kids love the old movie that defines part of your history, and that they love it as much you do, your heart soars and you love this movie almost as much as you love your kids, and not because it’s just an old movie which they love because it stars an actor who is from your hometown, but because IT IS JUST A DARN GOOD MOVIE.

It's A Wonderful Life, kids. Get it.


  1. OK, I may be really obtuse, but the FTW has been bothering me all week. What is it???

    1. For The Win! Not the one my middle-schooler was thinking about. :) For The Win FTW!