Monday, June 10, 2013

About Me ABC

Here we go again – some old school blogging fun brought to you by my awesome friend Jennie at A Lady in France and also my new pal Jennifer at her eponymous blog Jennifer P. Williams (with Elaine at The Miss Elaine-ous Life.  Are you impressed at my use of the word eponymous?  Don’t be – I had to look it up.

This meme is easy – you just answer 26 questions about yourself that correspond to each letter of the alphabet.  You’ll see how tired I get of answering 26 questions about myself when you get down to T.  Please keep it to yourself if you bailed out at M, or worse, C.

Strap in and let’s go!

A. Attached or Single?  Attached.  To my husband Keith, whether he likes it or not.  Sometimes I imagine that he’s Ryan Gosling and I’m Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend.  That’s normal, right?

B. Best Friend? My husband, Keith.  Although after that last answer I may be in the market for a new BFF.  Oh dear, this isn’t going so well, is it?

C. Cake or pie? These questions are hard.  Why does there have to be a choice?  Both.  And every kind of each except for raisin pie and maybe shoofly pie, which are equally disgusting.  Bonus points for cake if there is extra frosting.  Extra bonus points for frosting flowers.

D. Day of choice? Monday.  Oh Monday, you are my one true love.  Except for Keith.  And Ryan Gosling.

E. Essential Item? I used to think computer, because the other day when the internet was down for like four minutes I paced around it like a hungry tiger does on the other side of the alarmingly flimsy-looking chain link fence or pane of glass that separates us from them at the zoo.  Then I remembered how I hardly even look at my computer on the weekends and how horrible it is when I’m thirsty, so I’m going to say water.  I literally can’t live without water.  And neither can you.

F. Favorite color? Yellow.  I’m a dark sort of internally-focused person, so I combat this tendency with a love for sunny, bright colors.

G. Gummy bears or worms? Have you tried chocolate covered Gummy Bears?  They are everything.

H. Home town? Pittsburgh, PA.  Close enough.

I. Favorite Indulgence? Massage.  It never lasts long enough.

J. January or July?  July.  January is the middle of winter, the start of every diet, when you have to put away Christmas decorations, the home of the post-holiday let-down, and a total jerk.

K. Kids?  Before kids, I was all, “Hell, NO!  Kids are whack!” Then when we got married I was all, “Let’s have FOUR!”  Then after one, I was all “Okay.  Another.”  Then after the second, I was all, “IF I GET PREGNANT AGAIN I WILL DIE!!!!!!!”  So, we have two. 

L. Life isn’t complete without?  My family.  This includes close friends who are like family because we live far away from our hometowns.

M. Marriage date? Lucky November 13, 1999

N. Number of brothers/sisters? Two brothers: one older, one younger.  This configuration produced the best life of a middle child EVER. 

O. Oranges or Apples?  Apples.  Oranges are too time-consuming, and they make your hands sticky, and you never know if you’ve got a good one until you eat it, and likely you’ve bought a crate of them and now you’re stuck with a crate full of tasteless oranges. 

P. Phobias?  Claustrophobia tops the list, followed closely by frog phobia and snake phobia.  And public-speaking phobia.

Q. Quotes?  Oh man.  I did a blogpost on this once, and I couldn’t remember any of the quotes that I claimed were my favorite.  One thing I say a lot is “Oh my,” as my friends enjoy pointing out to me.  Just like George Takei.

R. Reasons to smile? When my kids get home from school, when my husband comes home from work, meeting someone for the first time, babies.

S. Season of choice? In order of preference: Spring, summer, fall.  We don’t talk about winter.

T. Tag 5 People.  Tag, you’re it!  And you, you, you, and you too!  Yeah, you, the one standing in the corner trying to pick her nose on the sly.

U. Unknown fact about me?  I play the piano.

V. Vegetable? Cucumbers.

W. Worst habit?  Saying No to everything.  It’s the worst because often there isn’t another chance to say Yes. 

X. X-ray or Ultrasound?  I’d say ultrasound, because x-rays remind me of broken bones and dental work, and ultrasounds remind me of the excitement of seeing my babies for the first time, and then I remember that I had an internal ultrasound once for a reason that had nothing to do with babies and so I’m going to choose neither.

Y. Your favorite food?  I seriously started to type about twenty different foods here.  I can’t choose.  But based on the type of food I eat the most of, I’ll say salad.  I’d eat it every day for every meal if I could.  And I have.  Yum, salad for breakfast.

Z. Zodiac sign?  Taurus.  Stubborn, earthy, cow-like.

Whew!  That was fun, like running a marathon.  Ha ha, I’m totally joking.  Marathons seem like torture.  Maybe this has been torture for you.  So if you read through all of it in one sitting, you win a prize.  And the prize is an internet high-five.  *slap*

If you’re a blogger, go ahead, try it out!  It’s fun, easy, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll jump at the chance to talk about yourself and/or have something else to write about on your blog instead of making up some random subject just to fill the space.

Grab the questions and link up with Jennifer or Elaine.  Don't forget the badge on either of their websites.  Happy Meme-ing!


  1. Laughing as always. :-)

    But salad for breakfast? Here we part ways, my friend. I want cinnamon french toast made from gluten free brioche with pure maple syrup.

    Or something like that.

    1. And now that's what I want - I'm so easily swayed. We don't have brioche readily available here, and so I always forget about it. We ate loaves of it slathered with butter for breakfast on our Paris vacation a couple of summers ago. Is this appropriate in France? It was those two weeks. I think eating brioche was the kids' favorite memory of that vacation.

  2. So I had to go look up eponymous, and then I had to laugh out loud because context clues. And now I have to remember that word because I love it and want to use it all the time.

    1. I love it too but I'm pretty sure I'm saying it wrong. And probably using it wrong.

  3. I can't even look up the "e" word, because I already forgot how to spell it...
    You got married on my birthday! Even though I wasn't born in 1999, just a tad earlier, like 30 years or so...

    1. Oh, that's so exciting! It's one of my favorite discoveries about people, that we share a date. Simple pleasures. :)

  4. It is hard to pick favorite quotes. I eat salad at least five times a week, but I've never tried it for breakfast before.

    1. Some people are just good at remembering things that inspire them. I have a hard time remembering what day it is.

  5. I have so much to say!

    You got married exactly one week after me! And you are SO right about massages, never long enough!

    And your answer to K is awesome. :D Do you play piano from memory? So jealous of anyone who does that...

    Thanks for playing along!

    1. Thank you, and thanks for the badge and the link-up!! Funny how dates coincide, isn't it? Our neighbors' anniversary is exactly one week after ours.

      The answer about kids is probably the most accurate representation of myself that is out there.

      I only play one song on the piano from memory, and two if you count teaching myself the intro to the Charlie Brown theme, which I have to admit was the main reason I bought the piano in the first place.

  6. Such a fun thing to learn about you and I so love your sense of humor! Tempted to try this one too :D

    1. Thanks - you should try it! Consider yourself officially tagged. :)

  7. Good list. Funny and possibly incriminating if Ryan Gosling ever mysteriously vanishes.

    1. I think of that often. However, I'm too lazy to be a proper stalker. I'll just stick to watching The Notebook again.