Thursday, July 18, 2013

Five Things

It’s time for Old School Blogging again!  This month, I’ve hooked up with Alison from Writing, Wishing, who is co-hosting with Elaine from the Miss Elaine-ous Life to do yet another list of Get To Know Your Favorite Blogger.  Or, if you’ve stumbled here by accident, get to know me.  Hey!  Nice to meet you! 

Okay, here we go.  I’m an open book.

Five Things I Have A Passion For

Advocacy.  Although this may be a joke to those who know my life (because I don’t advocate for anyone in a formal setting), I feel that being a voice for those who have none (or a limited one) is important.  Children, battered women, elderly, mentally ill – these groups of people are often overlooked or given the leftovers of what our society has to offer.  And it isn’t right.

Organization.  OMG, someone put those loose pictures in an album, STAT!  And did you notice that my Five Things are in alphabetical order?  Sorry to all the disorganized people out there who can't ever find the other sock or bin of summer clothes from last year.  I can.  But organization can kind of consume me which is its own problem.  Wouldn't you rather be okay with not caring that there are still dishes in the sink from last night?  Because right now there's a popcorn bowl in ours and it's kind of making me twitch a little.

Parenting.  You know, like how to tweak it daily so that by the time your kids are eighteen and out of the house, they don’t completely hate you and you are all are alive and in one piece.  This passion began the first night we brought our son home from the hospital and I cried because I had no idea what I was doing, continued throughout potty training and eating and sleeping issues, and is in full force today as we tackle navigating sex, social media and how much time is too much time on Playstation?

Relationships.  I have always loved understanding others’ hearts and minds, and finding out what drives them.    To be frank, I am the quiet, solitary friend – the one that disappears for a while.  I have a high tolerance for being without company.  But when my threshold for alone time is reached, I yearn for interpersonal connections and have been known to send out texts like “GIRLS’ NIGHT!  NOW!”

Writing. I get a little squirrelly when I don’t have time to write.  If I get too busy with life, I compensate for not being able to sit down and write by making lists and filling books of Post-Its with instructions for myself and others.  It’s not quite the same, but on the upside, I never get disorganized.

Five Things I Would Like To Do Before I Die

Write and publish a book, sell a painting, ride in a hot-air balloon, make a short movie, and shred all the papers that are sitting in that big box over there.  In all likelihood, that last one might be the one that doesn't get done.

Five Things I Say A Lot

How are you? 
Oh my. 
What are you doing?

Omigosh the things I say a lot are so boring and/or annoying.

Five Books And/Or Magazines I Have Read Lately

This is such a joke, because I have been reading Les Misérables on my Kindle for months.  Like, six months.  I am not kidding.  I am 84% of the way through and the day I finish this book, I am throwing a party.  It is toying with my slight OCD tendencies and purposely making me crazy.  I am Une Misérable from reading this book.  Even through this unending torture (who out there is responsible for failing to warn me that Victor Hugo takes forty pages to describe a garden, or a fence post?), the other four things I’ve read recently are the May and June issues of Marie Claire and Vogue magazines.  July’s issues are still waiting. 

Seriously.  Eighty-four percent after six months.

Five Favorite Movies

Lost in Translation.  Who doesn’t want to have a chaste love affair with Bill Murray for a week in a foreign place?  Okay, only me then.

Mary Poppins.  This has become one of those movies that makes me tear up when the music starts playing – from sheer nostalgia.  I watched this on a loop as a kid.  How I wanted to live in that grand house in England – and jump through sidewalk pictures into another world.

Moulin Rouge!  The part where Ewan McGregor smiles as he sings “Your Song" is really the most important moment in the history of cinema.  That’s all.

Schindler’s List.  This movie mesmerized me when it came out.  It still does – I cry the whole way through it, every time.

Terms of Endearment.  Mom and daughter love each other through yelling.  Total tear-jerker.  Why, oh why do I love movies that make me sob uncontrollably?

Five Places I Would Love To Travel To

The Amalfi Coast.  Hawaii.  India.  Northern California.  Rio de Janeiro.  I’m kind of pedestrian in the places I want to see.  I tend to go where I know, and I’ve traveled a little but always to the same places.  I picked India because I’m thinking India of the British Colonial days - I’m a little Hollywood-eyed that way.

Five People I Have Invited To Do This Meme

None.  I’m not sure that anyone would respond, but I’d love for five of the people who read this post to do it, and if you do, please tell me and I will read all about you!  And then I will be your best friend forever.  Which basically means that I will never call you but will quietly yearn for your companionship.  And then send you a mildly bossy text to meet me for margaritas on a Tuesday night.

Grab the button and GO!  If you do, be sure to link up with Alison or Elaine by July 25.


  1. Thank you for letting me know that I am not alone in my OCD need to NOT have a dish sitting in the sink. Come on, folks, the dishwasher is inches away! I don't sleep well if there are pans sitting on the stove.

    I'm glad that my obsession is very helpful in the workplace - I can spot errors in forms from across the room!

    Like you, I crave alone time ... until I'm done and then I want company RIGHT NOW.

    1. Thank you for being like me!! And admitting it!

      Seriously. We do not have multiple wings in our house - the kitchen is five steps from end to end. Put your glass in the dishwasher already, lazy.

  2. Oh my god, why did my comment just disappear??? Sigh.

    OK, first, I loved this. I'm a sucker for these, so I'm on it. These are the questions? Or do I make up my own?

    I also love alone time. Living alone for seven years before I got married was awesome. I would recommend it to anyone who asked. No one does, of course, but still.

    I can top your six month Victor Hugo...I've been reading the same book since I was pregnant with my now five year old daughter. And it's not even close to the length of Les Mis. Meanwhile, 40 pages on a garden? Standard drill for Hugo. You shoulda asked me...

    I am almost ashamed to admit it, but I have never seen Schindler's List. Neither has my husband. We want to. We know we probably should. But it hits a bit too close to home, perhaps.

    1. Yes, these are the questions! I'm so glad you are doing it - can't wait to read your answers!

      Okay, you got me with the longest reading of a book ever. The worst part about taking so long to finish it is that it means that the book probably sucks and I am too dumb to realize it. Classic literature my ass.

      Eh, it's not that big of a deal to miss Schindler's List. It IS just a movie, after all. I'm not one of those people who lambast people for not knowing everything about whatever I know about, unless you're my husband, in which case you darn well better know about everything that's important to me.

    2. I think I am probably too late for the party now...

    3. The link-up ended July 25, but that's okay - it IS summer, after all. :)

  3. Advocacy, organization, writing: cosign! You know, everything in me wants to love and understand Lost in Translation, but it truly lost me. I think I might need to look at it again to see whether it clicks now, compared to when it just came out.

    1. Ha! I love the idea of having an immediate intimate connection with someone, even if only a chance encounter, even if it's ill-timed. You are changed for life. It's why I love this movie. Can you tell I've thought about this a few times? I definitely endorse watching it again! Let me know if you opinion changes if you do!

  4. I've been trying to get my kids to watch Mary Poppins! I loved that one as a kid. That and Swiss Family Robinson.

    And after I saw Schindler's List I vowed to never watch it again. It tore me apart.

    Hey, here's an idea... why don't we meet in Hawaii and you can finish reading Les Miserables and I can pretend like I read it too when really I just saw the musical and the movie. Sound good?

    p.s. you rock for linking up! :)

    1. I'm the same way you are with Schindler's List, only for me it was Passion of the Christ. I can't even think about it.

      I really like your Hawaii idea. If I was a normal person like everyone else I would have seen Les Mis onstage years ago and any iteration of the movie and I wouldn't have felt the need to torture myself with this book.

  5. Sadly I've just discovered we are not, in fact, twins separated at birth. I am not organized and not clean. Well ... I'm clean in the sense that I won't let my guests step on crunchy floors in their bare feet nor let their bare bums touch a dirty toilet, but in all other senses of the word, I am a mess.

    1. Well, I'd rather be organized than clean, but being both is a long shot sometimes. If I had to choose between the two, I'll take crunchy floors over clean ones that have toys strewn all over them.

      But only in my house. Other people's dirty houses don't bother me.

  6. I am VERY interested in this movie you're planning to make. Pray tell!

    1. OK. In my mind, it's less a movie, and more a video. A music video. With me and my friends or family laughing and like throwing pies at each other in slow motion or something, set to the tune of a great song. A little Lonely Island, a little Pat Benatar's Love is a Battlefield.

      So much fun!

  7. --How Fun...
    I've watched Term of Endearment about a hundred times! x

    1. It really is the best movie ever. The theme music really just starts my tears rolling, right at the beginning.