Friday, July 12, 2013

Right Now

Right now I have a thousand things to do.  I’m doing one of them.

Right now I have a plan.  It is to do this one thing out of a thousand things.  When I am finished with this one thing, I will do another.  And another, and another.  I will continue working at this list of a thousand things.  It will look like I am getting things done.  I will be, but the list will not end.  For each thing I finish, another one will go on the list.

My husband has five things for me to do.  I haven’t told him my plan, because it has no end.  Plans usually have ends.

He will want me to do these five things, and I will do them.  My list of a thousand things will wait.

Each of my children have seven things for me to do.  I haven’t told them my plan either.

They will want me to do those fourteen things, and I will do them.  My list of a thousand things will wait again.

When I complete these nineteen things for my family, I will pick up where I left off and do one of the thousand things that I have planned to do on my list that has no end.

And things will pile up, and I will fall behind.

But I am only one person, and I can only get one person’s worth of things done.  Right now there are a thousand things that are on my list.  Twenty of them are crossed off.

Tomorrow, I plan to pick up my list and start again.  Twenty things will be added to the list, and tomorrow, like every day, I will have a thousand things to do.



  1. I know how endless the list of things to do can seem. At least you have a plan! The best part about your plan is the fact that by the time you get to some things on your list, you'll find that they are no longer important to you, so you will be able to immediately cross them off without doing anything!

    1. Yes! I try to split up my tasks into pieces, so I can cross multiples off at once. It's multitasking for the non-multitasker.

  2. That's me. I try to do one thing at a time, knowing that there will always be one more thing.

    1. Yes. Why get ahead of yourself? It's not going to lead to more getting done.

  3. Oh this is me!!!
    Some are good things, so I get to those first. Like baking a 3-layer gradient birthday cake for my sister. Or taking photos for my online photography course. Work, what work? :)

    1. Yes! The big, boring things always get pushed to the end of the list. The fun/easy/flashy rewarding things are my go-to. Although I did just go through some old filing cabinet drawers the other day, so I figure I've earned some downtime. :)

  4. Oh my goodness! I can definitely relate!
    So often I have plans of what I want to get done over the weekend, and then the husband has things he wants done, so my list has to wait, and then I have to find missing toys, and do a craft, and wash a little one's favorite outfit....
    It is way too easy to put ourselves last sometimes as moms, and the lists keep getting longer and longer.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog this week; I've enjoyed reading your posts!

  5. My list is also never-ending. Welcome to the club, right?