Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Old School Blogging – The ABCs of ME

Whoo-hoo!  It's old school blogging time!  Get ready, folks.  It’s another barn-stormin’ post about MEMEMEMEMEMEMEME!


This month, I am – ahem – co-hosting with the very special president of the exclusive Old School Blogging Association, Elaine of The Miss-Elaine-ous Life.  Get out your diamonds and pearls people, because you are among royalty here.  If you play your cards right you will receive special favor from one of the association's officers: Me.

Totally made that up - there are no officers in OSB.
Wow.  You ARE a disappointment.

Just kidding!  ZING!

Ha, ha.  I don’t play cards, either.  Cards are for TRASH. (I read that on the internet this week. Been using it non-stop for three days.)

This month, OSB is all about The ABCs of Me.  Or, you, if you choose to play along.  It’s really quite simple, Martha – you copy my questions, answer them your own darn self and write your own darn blog post and link it here or on Elaine’s blog and people will comment and gush about how wonderful you are DO I HAVE TO SPELL THE CONCEPT OF BLOGGING OUT FOR YOU

Very well; I will spell it out for you.  Alphabetically, of course. 

Copy the questions.  Generate your own answers.  Link on this blog post or Elaine’s blog post. Share on social media.  Take a bow.  Watch people adore you.  You are a rock star. 

Whew.  That was hard.

* * *

The ABCs of ME – by Andrea Mowery, Official Self-Appointed Officer of the OSB Association, and Official Title Inventor for OSB Association

A- Age: 65.  Don’t I look good for my age?  Looks like I’m about 42, right?

I have waited four months to use 
this selfie on my blog.

B- Biggest Fear: I am superstitious and I hate revealing these things.  But I’ll be brave and say that I’m definitely afraid of winning the lottery and / or becoming friends with oh I don’t know, someone important like Jon Hamm or Beyoncé. Welcome, Jon Hamm. May I take your pants?

C- Current Time: 12:26 pm.

D- Drink you last had: Coffee.  And before that, more coffee.

E- Easiest Person To Talk to: My mother.  She doesn’t mind that my stories go too long, because she has lived with my father for a hundred and forty-three years.

F- Favorite Song:  I love songs way after they’ve been played out.  Still hanging onto Chandelier and Get Lucky.  Pop music is too fickle for me.  Where did all the Blank Space fans go?

G- Grossest Memory: When I was five years old, I found a piece of chocolate on the dining room table and popped it in my mouth.  It was not chocolate.  The cat had just walked across the table. 

I’m going to puke.

H- Hometown:  Small Town Pennsylvania, USA.

I- In love with: Napping.  Ham sandwiches.  A quiet house.  An hour to read.  Having all my chores done.  Putting on a pair of jeans after the summer and finding that they’re a little loose.  

Yeah – I’m aware that I said I’m in love with ham sandwiches.

J- Jealous Of: Queen Elizabeth. That honey's got the money, y'all.

K- Killed Someone?  What kind of question is this?  I mean, this could go downhill very quickly for a person.

L- Longest Relationship:  Been married for almost 16 years, holla!  Longest, though, is being a daughter/ granddaughter / sister / niece / cousin for 42 years.  Boom.

Why yes - my husband's hand is on my butt
in 90% of our wedding photos.
Why do you ask?

M- Middle Name:  Humperdinck.  My parents were HUGE Engelbert fans.  

It's Leigh.  Or IS it?

N- Number of Siblings: 2

O- One Wish:  For more wishes, duh.  If you don’t think this is a good idea then I would like to wish for your wish, too.

P- Person who you last called:  My friend Wanda.  She and I are the last two people on earth who still talk on the phone.

Q- Questions you’re always asked: How tall are you?  “Like seven or eight feet.  I think I’m still growing.  I haven’t measured myself in a while.” 

Did you play basketball?  “Yes.  Do you remember Dr. J?  I’m him.” 

Do you work?  “No.  I have a posse of forest animals who take care of everything.  I pretty much just sit around and eat chips all day.  You know, like Snow White."

R- Reason to smile: Both of my children went to school today.

S- Song you last sang: Currently in my head:  Boom Clap.  As in “Boom, Clap!  The sound of my voice!  The beat goes on and on and on and on, now!  Boom Clap!  Blah blah blah blah, Come on with me!  Come on with me, now!”  I’d like to say “Beethoven’s Concerto Number Seven” or something more highbrow, but, no.  Freaking Boom Clap.

T- Time you woke up: 5 am.

U- Underwear Color:  Long ago I read in a magazine that women should have four colors of underwear: black, white, pink, and nude.  Simple; classic.  The problem is that women’s underwear comes in about thirty thousand prints and neon colors, and basic colors are hard to find.  It’s frustrating.  I am a grown lady – I don’t want cartoon monkeys on my drawers.

V- Vacation Destination: Paris.  Forever Paris.

Not sure why I'm not there right now, but it's not a good enough reason.

W- Worst Habit:  Eating too fast.  Good food is wasted on me.  It really has to be OMG AMAZING for me to slow down long enough to appreciate it.  Terrible habit.  Just terrible.

X- X-rays you’ve had:  Teeth, neck, hand.  I don’t know.

Y- Your favorite food:  If I had to eat only one kind of food, it would be vegetables.  If I was a more creative cook I would be a vegetarian, but being an omnivore is hard to beat.

Z- Zodiac Sign: Taurus.  I love reading about who I am according to the Zodiac.  I *know* it’s hooey.  I *like* hooey.

“Traditional traits of a Taurus woman include emotional strength, independence, loyalty, introversion, and a flair for the artistic.  Taurus women are also genuine and tend to seek out the same quality in others.  They don’t become upset easily, but when they do, they have volatile tempers and the capacity for extreme stubbornness” (from

^^^ YES!  THAT’S ME!  It’s right every time.  HOW DO THEY KNOW?!?!?!?

* * *

So there you have it – OSB and the ABCs of ME!  Want to try it?  First - Go visit Elaine and read her post!  Next: Read everyone else's posts in the link-up to get to know them, too! Then: Grab the questions, come up with your own answers, write a blog post, and link with Elaine or ME!  MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME!  

Or Elaine.  It’s the same link-up.  Really.  And don't forget for one second to tweet using the #OSBlog tag, either (tag @elainea)

Can’t wait to read all about YOU! 




  1. Oh my gosh, the cat poo story! And your awesome selfies! I love you! Thanks for making me laugh so hard my mostly-nonexistent abs hurt and for being my partner in crime this month! :D

    1. Thank you, Elaine! I loved doing this. And reading about the ABCs of others is a special bonus treat of doing blogging Old School style!

  2. I don't know why you're not in Paris right now either!

    But I do know you're one of my favourite people I've never met. :-)

  3. I don't know why you're not in Paris or better yet center stage with Jimmy Fallon because lady you make me giggle. I could read about youyouyouyouyou all day long.

    BOOM, CLAP!!! XO

    1. Girl's trip to Paris?

      I totally think Jimmy and I would be best friends.

      Freaking Boom Clap.

  4. Dammiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit It's 8:42 and damn Boom Clap is going to be with me until afternoon, I'm sure. Hey, Dr. J. (I love ham sandwiches. I don't usually have ham regularly until Thanksgiving and Christmas but man, ham, bad for you white bread slightly toasted, and Miracle Whip? Heaven.)

    1. I can't get away from that song. The beat goes on and on and on and on, yeah.


  5. I just laughed through this whole post. I LOVE YOU!!!! Thank you for making me smile and laugh and gosh, just making my morning better. I'm not kidding, you and this post just made me so happy.

    1. I'm so happy to brighten your day! My goal in life is to make people smile by sharing terrible pictures of myself.

  6. Hey! We have the same "Q"!! But I like your answer better. I'm going to try that one next time someone asks!

    1. It's such a dumb question - I don't go around asking short people how short they are. It seems so... immature, doesn't it? I had an aunt who always asked me how tall I was "these days", well into my adulthood. Like I was perpetually growing. Now I'm shrinking, and if she was around now to ask me, I'd probably burst into tears. (I was 6 feet tall at my tallest; now it's more like 5'11")

  7. OMG the cat poop? I'm puking for you! Nice job, Humperdinck! ;)

    1. I know - kids are so stupid. But to be fair, I still go around putting things in my mouth that I shouldn't. I've learned not to test the brown stuff, though.

  8. Love it!! And oh that cat poop, that is bad. I actually licked poop once accidentally.. it was baby poop though and it was yellow, and on my finger, I thought it was mustard. Yeah... So I am curious to know now how tall you are? :)

    1. Licking or tasting any kind of excrement gives me the shivers.

      I'm around 5'11" (down from 6' in my golden years)

  9. Oh man, the cat poop story is gross.

  10. Totally had me giggling this morning with the poop story and more and for that I can't thank you enough as it has been a bit of a rough week. So happy that I could join in this month and thank you for hosting! :)

    1. I am happy that YOU are happy. Knowing that eating a piece of poop turned even one minute of a bad day around for someone else made eating that poop totally worth it.

      But to be fair, I didn't really eat it. OMG I'm going to vomit.

  11. It was not chocolate. I'm dying over here. I also want to visit Paris one day. Maybe one day when the kids are long gone.

    1. Eh, take them with you! Kids in Paris = good times for all!

  12. I heard on NPR that eating cat poop in your formative years makes you tall as an adult. It said nothing of making you hilarious and also a wish-hoarder.

    1. Wish-hoarding is a skill I'd like to think I cultivated all by myself.

  13. I am happy Elaine has now introduced me to you and your blog! This was hilarious!

  14. I loved this. Maybe one day we could have a ham sandwich together - because sandwiches are the best. I don't care if you eat fast, as long as you don't mind that I am the slowest eater in the world.

    1. I don't mind if you eat slow, as long as you don't judge me for inhaling all things edible.

  15. Loved getting to know you Andrea!~ Look forward to reading more of your blog :)

  16. I'm still a Blank Space fan... and I'll write your name.

  17. I snort laughed at the cat poo eating.
    And the hand on butt picture.
    And the selfies.
    I love you!

  18. I choked on my coffee with the cat poo! This is fabulous, thank you!