Monday, November 2, 2015

Double Dipping is Fun For Everyone

Hey, you!

A story:

Once there was a wife and mother who lived her life and wrote about it.  One day she wrote about her husband and another day she wrote about her kids.  Both were the work of a genius; this woman was the smartest person anyone she knew had ever met.

Soon after writing about her husband and children, two separate websites decided to published her work on the very same day.  She was thrilled, and so were the hordes of her adoring fans.  She humbly accepted each honor with a grace and poise unmatched by any other published writer before or since.

Today, she shares her honor with you.

* * *

I'm amazingly, humbly, and thrillingly thrilled to be featured on both Bonbon Break AND Coffee +  
Crumbs today!  I swear I didn't arrange this to happen.  The universe is just that kind to me.  Don't be jealous.  Or do.  I can't help what you feel.

On Bonbon Break:  Why I Hate My Husband (previously published here, on About 100%), a humorous post about hate and love and how sometimes they are confused but only by some husbands.

On Coffee + Crumbs:  I Won't Miss You, about kids growing and moving through the stages of life and parents trying to be all cool and zen about it despite the inevitability that they'll fail miserably.

I'd love for you to visit me at both places today, tomorrow, and forever.



  1. OK, I read and commented on both, so I fully expect your love, tomorrow and forever (starting today). ;)

  2. You so famous.
    Don't forget the little people.
    And by that I mean me.

    1. I am a giantess, so everyone is little.
      But you are impossible to forget.
      My sister in life and John Hughes movies.

  3. Once there was a blog reader who loved geniuses.
    She followed them wherever they showed up around the internet.
    But not in a stalker way.
    The end.