Thursday, November 3, 2016


There is banging above my head where electricians are working.

It's not the good kind of banging.

It's the nerve-jangling kind, the sound of metal against metal.

The kind that makes you blink.

They warned us it would be jarring.

The cat is hiding.

Cats are scaredy-ca... oh well, you know.

It's all worth it, though.

Soon we will have electrical outlets in the floor.

Then I will plug in my computer without needing an extension cord.


This post inspired by:

Mama Kat's Writing Workshop

Prompt #6: Write a post in just 10 lines.


  1. The dogs are barking outside?

    The scraping of claws on the glass front door!

    I open the door, the runner in the foyer goes flying!

    Slurping and dripping from what seems to be a never ending water bowl.

    Crunching of dry kibble with crumbs on the mat.

    Trying vicariously to get my daughter to school on time!

    Walk back in to my Dog's peacefully enjoying their bones.

    A loud if "did you forget me?"

    Loud purr's, how can I resist, here is your food good kitty.

    Thursday, my only day off this week, back to bed.....definitely!

  2. That last line makes it all worth it. :)

    1. It really does!I can't wait to plug more stuff into the floor.

  3. The cat will come out soon. And no extension cords for the win!

    1. Total win! And just between me and you, the cat can stay hidden. He gets into less trouble when I can't see him.

  4. So the banging was worth it, then...

  5. That banging was so worth it.. to have electrical plugs where you need them the most.

  6. Electrical outlets in the FLOOR!? That's real fancy.

    1. It really feels fancy. I've been waiting for them for 15 years.