Monday, April 18, 2011

Sibling Rivalry

My kids fight with each other, daily. I know they love each other, and do play nicely together on occasion, but on bad days, their words and deeds against each other grow so wicked that I sometimes just sit back, listen, and shake my head at the lows they will stoop to, to make the other feel bad. Did I teach my children to say such things to each other? Am I modeling this terrible behavior for them to copy?

And then, sometimes, their bad behavior towards each other makes me wonder other things. Like today, when I was searching for a piece of paper, and found this, drawn by my daughter (age 7) of her brother (age 10):

Maybe it’s just me, but I think that Cameron needs a good plastic surgeon to even things up a bit.



I always have a hundred things going on at once. As a result, I am often preoccupied and more than likely not paying attention to what I am doing at the moment, whether vacuuming, paying bills, or driving. This last fact troubles me, and should trouble you too if you live in or around my general vicinity.

Today I hit the garage door opener when pulling into my parking space at Target, after I left my house where I had set some eggs to boil in water on the stove, left the kitchen to fold a load of laundry, and came back exactly one hour later (and after completing at least 5 other chores) to a pot half full of angry boiling water and quite possibly the hardest-boiled eggs ever clanking around together.

This mindlessness frequently leads to me making piles of lists that I continue to cross off and revise, including personal instructions like "go to the gym" and "dust the dining room table." Specifically, I operate in a world confined to bossy little pieces of paper scattered around my house and sticky notes stuck to the inside of my purse. I can follow a single track of events if it's on a list, but if an activity isn't written down, it doesn't exist for me.

It's a wonder I can keep my house from burning down, avoid multi-car pile-ups on the road, and manage to get to and from my house successfully each day. Then again, those are the three things I wrote down on my list this morning.