Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hoo Rah

Today I am SOOOO EXCITED to see one of my posts featured on the Awesomely Funny website Aiming Low.  I knew it was coming; I sent it in to be considered for their Guest Writer feature, and it was accepted.  The real surprise was a few weeks ago when they told me that my post was going to be on the website.  Please take a few minutes to follow the links that I posted to get the full-blown exposure to this thing that has made my day in so many ways.

YAY!  It’s hard to appear suitably excited online.

I told my husband and my kids and my mom who were extremely happy to see my name and picture in something other than a family photo album or the local police blotter.  I also told my friends through Facebook, which is tricky to maneuver if you're not good at bragging.  I never posted “I WROTE THIS.  PLEASE READ IT AND COMMENT ENDLESSLY TO BUILD UP MY EGO” or anything.  I just posted it.  People don’t have time to read every little post that everyone puts out there.  We are all busy stalking each other’s pictures, and pictures of our friends, and pictures of our friends’ friends.   Or cleaning our houses or making dinner for their families, like I should have done today.  Or working for pay, which is what most people who don’t “do” Facebook or Twitter or Foursquare or MySpace or even Google+ claim even though we all know they do it and are just secret snoopers who look at everyone else’s business and make those of us who do it out in the open feel all judged and wrong for saying we think that Uncle Albert’s ex-wife’s new baby totally looks like Throw Momma From the Train.

Anyway, my kids were so pumped for mom’s being funny to others besides herself that they presented their own little comedy routine at our cobbled-together dinner of leftovers because I was too involved in my own little world to put together a decent meal.  This routine resulted in one glass of water laughed through the nose, one completely inappropriate (and honestly, played out) joke about wieners, and lots of giggling giddiness.  It was tremendous. My husband pledged to tell everyone about it at work.  All of these little things made a big impact on me.

It gives me perspective.  Somewhere in the world, an online features editor thinks something I’ve written is funny enough to be posted on a website.  The immediate validation of all the hours I’ve spent laughing inwardly at my own comic genius is exciting and satisfying.  My family’s approval is satisfying and comforting.  The people that commented on the online article, on Twitter and in this blog helped to make my day even sweeter.  I’m no Tina Fey or Phyllis Diller - every other jackwagon out there has a blog just like mine.  I’m just a woman with a laptop and a little bit of a crazy outlook on life.  I’m glad that I have the freedom to try and be funny online, to the world and to you, and certainly to myself. 


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