Thursday, November 17, 2011

Facebook is Good

It’s been well-documented about how Facebook has ruined relationships and lives: some people post terrible pictures of their loved ones and relationships are strained, others report how they did body shots off their boss’s girlfriend and relationships and careers end. 

I am careful about what I post online, and stay away from controversial issues upon which I have no business sharing or commenting.  Plus, I don’t think my boss even has a girlfriend.   For me, Facebook has served not to strain relationships, but to fill in the blanks of events in loved ones’ lives that I miss due to distance or laziness.  

I’m not the best keeper-in-toucher.  Months go by without giving people a call or a card to say hey, what’s up?  So many years have passed in some friends’ lives that I have to stop and think about how many kids they have.  This is not my best quality.  I care, but I am not good at connections.  Being better at this is a constant work in progress. 

Yesterday I was Facebooking with some loved ones who I see once a year, family members and people who I grew up with and love like family.  If Facebook didn’t exist, none of the closeness and sharing that occurred would have happened, and that would be sad.  Here’s a sampling of the important details of our lives that we shared, which would have gone unknown had Facebook not existed (names have been changed): 

Hector: Occupy(major US city) is planning to occupy the light rail to share stories of economic injustice and are encouraging commuters to do the same. Yes, the wage slaves who are already pissed off about a packed train at rush hour are going to stand in solidarity with you assholes while you make their commute even more unbearable. How does this help anyfuckingbody? The light rail is going to be awash with blood tomorrow morning. 

On a brighter note, if it's still going on tomorrow afternoon, I can't wait to verbally abuse some people! 

Me: Ewww. Wear your rubber boots. 

Hector: Can't wait to see you! I was fuming till I read your comment... brought a smile to my face :) 

Zo:  I wish I were riding this train tomorrow morning 

Jo:  At least they are occupying a huuuuge waste of tax dollars to prove the point instead of a shitty park no one cares about. 

Flo:  Jeeez that’s worse than puke on the light rail 

Me: I can't wait either! Yeee haw!!! 

Max: Yeee hawww is right!! Andrea, did your mom tell you about Sunday? 

Me: No. What's going on Sunday? 

Max: Bocci and bacon party at Dulcie’s house:)

Hector:  Please ignore the last 4 comments... back to Occupy: F those guys!

Max: If you get arrested for said blood bath, I know a good attorney ;) 

Hector: I’ll be at work long before then. I'm worried about the afternoon commute...

Me: Mmm bacon. 

Hector: Dammit Andrea!  It's about Occupy not Bacommm...bacon *drool* 

Me: On Sunday, Bacon will be occupying my mouth. 

Hector: Bwah haaahahahahahaaahahhaha!

Sigh.  I *heart* Facebook.  It brings us all closer.


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