Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Battle of Wills

Maybe if I just sit here quietly, the urge to go to the gym will pass and I will miss my yoga class.

And maybe I won't feel guilty about it.

And maybe the eighteen pounds of candy in my pantry will magically turn into vegetables.

And maybe my body will tone itself.

And maybe all my clothes will fit correctly.

Or maybe not.




  1. I go through that every morning. Except today when I convinced my husband to come home early tonight so I can go to the evening yoga class, instead of the toofreakingearlytobeawake one. So I have the guilt of He Came Home For No Reason as my excuse as to why I will have to go tonight.


  2. I know exactly what you mean. Avoiding exercise is so much more palatable when it is a victimless crime.

  3. Did you try tightening your stomach muscles while sitting there quietly? Because, that's isometric and could totally count as your daily workout. :)

  4. I'm quite certain that most of my muscle tone is the result of many hours of static clenching.