Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lost Art

This weekend my husband and I were talking about sprucing up our house a little bit.  New flooring, new paint, some art; these were the things we were talking about.

I went online to get some ideas about flooring and paint schemes, and while I was there, I decided to look for some ideas on how to use all the wine corks we have lying around.  We have a serious pile, folks.  I was looking for an idea beyond wine cork wreath and wine cork bulletin board that everyone and my mom has suggested.  I came across a picture on the internet and was inspired.

Because we have several high bare walls in our house, I thought: Why not accent one with a big wine cork sculpture?  Never mind the implications of how much wine we put away.  Other people have contributed to our cork collection.  Okay, one other person.  Okay, one time.

So last night, I measured the wall, laid out some paper, and got to work creating a design for the wine cork sculpture.  I even designed it around the heating vent and the thermostat on the wall I was planning on decorating.  It was going to be custom made, and it was going to be awesome.

After drawing, I started laying out the corks.  It took me about an hour and a half to get the design down, with some tweaking here and there to get the pattern just right.  Finally I was satisfied, and went to bed. 

This. Is. Going. To. Be. Amazing.

I got up three times in the middle of the night because I was so excited about how great it was going to look.

As soon as the kids got on the bus this morning, I fired up the glue gun, put the iPod on shuffle, and got to work gluing all those suckers together.  There were some places where the design needed a little more adjusting, and I realized that I would need to glue it in several separate pieces, but after a couple of hours I was finished.

It was breathtaking.  I could not wait to get that thing up on the wall.

I figured I needed to let the glue solidify a little, so I waited.  Like five minutes.  Good art can’t wait, after all.  I totally made that up.

I carefully carried the pieces into the room with the wall and started placing it.  I thought I’d use nails to rest it on between the corks.  A couple of nails per section should do the trick.

Uh, yeah.

Every time I’d get one piece up, it would fall off the wall as soon as I’d start putting another nail in.  As soon as it would fall, it would explode into three-cork sections.  I grew increasingly frustrated as the number of nail holes in the wall increased.

I stopped at twelve holes.  Then I swore.  A lot.  Then I put it back on the floor, screwing up my design in the process.

Just what happened here, exactly?

I am a failure at wine cork art.  I don’t know how I am going to get that thing up on the wall.  At least I can peel the hot glue off and use the corks for something else.

Like a wreath, or maybe a bulletin board.



  1. Maybe mount the entire thing onto a piece of MDF that is painted the same color as the wall and hang that? Either that, or I think I would just hot glue the whole thing right onto the wall.

    1. Thank you for the suggestions! I was secretly hoping that someone would chime in and help me with this mess.

      I thought about mounting it on a solid piece of something too, and maybe making a frame for the whole thing out of moulding. That would mean moving the thermostat = hiring an electrician.

      And gluing each cork on the wall... I guess that's not any worse than 60 nail holes.

  2. You could also try glue dots...they are pretty strong (I've used them to hold glass pieces together)...though I can't make any guarantees that they wouldn't pull the paint off if/when you tried to take it down... You could at least put a dot on a bunch of the corks while it's all laying flat on the floor, and then press the whole thing to the wall at once... Just an idea.

    Great design, by the way! Love it!

    1. Thanks - I never heard of glue dots, so I haven't thought of that either. It's worth a try. Some people suggested command strips, I thought I'd try that route maybe?