Thursday, February 9, 2012

Reality Reality

We’ve all heard that reality is stranger than fiction.  In my house, reality is sometimes just funnier than fiction, and in my opinion, better than reality TV any day.  An excerpt:

(Mom, Son, and Daughter are sitting in Daughter’s room at bedtime)

Son (accusingly): Mom, she writes math problems in her diary!

Mom: I think that’s genius.

Son: Well, she’s stupid.

Mom: I think you just gave proof that she’s not.

Son: She has a sign on her door that says “No smoking.”  Who’s going to smoke in her room?  She’s eight!

Mom: She’s just being proactive.

Son:  It also says “No Hippies.”

Mom: She’s also retroactive.

(Son storms off, making loud, exasperated noises)

Daughter (making tsking sound, then sighing loudly):  Kids.

Mom: Word to your mutha.

Daughter:  Word.

In your face, reality TV.



  1. "Word." Awesome! I love this conversation!

    Also, I was passed on a "3 Things" thing, and linked to your blog. If you want to do it, here it is!

    1. I would love to, since I love talking about myself.


      Thank you Martha!!