Monday, February 13, 2012

Three Little Things

Once in a while there's a little surprise in the air, one that is waiting patiently for you to come across or stumble over or even one that meets you wherever you are. It could be a lost ring that you find in the toilet, a kind note in the mail, a twenty dollar bill that you left in your coat pocket last winter.

Or maybe even a little gift on the table from the cat that you mistook for a piece of chocolate.

Surprises happen, and it’s much better when they’re good ones.

I’m not a huge fan of the big loud fancy surprise.  I have been surprised in big ways before, and it never goes well.  There are always tears and sometimes screeching.  At the end of a surprise is an overfed self-consciousness, and the resulting self-doubt that holds its hand.

But enough about me.  Let’s talk more about me.

When surprises are little and unexpected and sweet and just plain nice, I feel pleasant and warm and thankful.

This is how I felt when Martha sent me this big ol’ three and asked me to link up with other bloggers who I felt might like to have some warm sweetness for themselves.

In the blog world there is thing where you “link up” with other blogs on a unified subject.  When you link up, you all write about the same thing, so when someone reads your blog on the subject, they can link to another person’s blog, and read that person’s blog post on the subject, and so on and so forth.  The idea is that contributing bloggers may garner a wider audience, because let’s face it, we are here to write and we like it when other people read our writing.  Linking up is like paying it forward, spreading the wealth, sharing your cookies, or something like that.  It's actually more like a chain letter, except there's a reason for it other than doling out unneccessary pressure.

(How’m I doing, bloggers?  I’m just making this up).

So, the idea behind Big Three is to share Three Things about yourself.  It could be silly, like when Martha confessed to dancing with Elvis, or serious, when Billy B. admitted to loving romantic comedies.  Then you mention three more bloggers you love and hope they grab the Three from your blog, link it up, talk about their Three Things, and move it along.

So let’s get this show on the road, shall we?

Three things I’d like to share:

  1. I once fell asleep during a NASCAR race.  This may only be interesting to you if you’ve ever been to a NASCAR race, where you know that it is so loud that your teeth rattle.
  1. I have an inappropriate fear of lions and tigers and let’s just throw in bears for the heck of it.  I do not enjoy zoos for this reason, and me?  Camping?  Ha ha ha.  You’re so funny.
  1. I once stayed at the same hotel as Yao Ming, the pro basketball player.  He was at the lobby desk and I walked right up and pretended not to notice him, just so I could see what it was like standing next to someone so tall.  Yeah.  I pretended not to notice a guy who’s almost 8 feet tall.  I guess I’m kind of a jerk.
Now, for the lucky three with whom I’d like to share my cookies: 
  1. Crocuses in March  Jessi is real, honest, gentle, creative, thoughtful, faithful, AND talented in a hundred ways.  She’s a mom and she talks about her life and loves.  She’ll get you thinking, and then you’ll want to have a cup of coffee with her.
  2. Alphabet Junkie  Jett Superior has an awesome blog that regularly rips my heart right out of my chest.  Raw and emotional and well-written, her stories and point of view always make me smile and sometimes tear up a little.  I always re-read.
  3. Cannibalistic Nerd Look.  Carrie writes giggle-inducing synopses about old Super Friends cartoons.  She also writes about other stuff with never-failing hilariousness.  You can't miss it.  I want to be her friend.
So go on.  Visit these bloggers.  You're welcome. 



  1. I like it! Now, I'm off to check out those other blogs, after I fulfill this weird craving for chocolate chip cookies I suddenly have!

  2. Asleep at a NASCAR race? Impressive! I don't have that kind of napping talent. I'll work on my three after I figure out what to do - thank you for sharing cookies with me!

    1. You're welcome! :)

      Let's just say the NASCAR nap was aided by a few adult beverages. That, and the white noise of fifty rumbling race cars.