Friday, June 29, 2012


Everyone has a talent.  Some people realize it early.  Others spend their whole lives trying to figure out what it is. 

Guess which category I fall into?

When I was a kid, I loved to dance.  I took dance classes for ten years and by age 13 saw way too many home movies documenting my lack of grace to realize that dancing was not going to be what I am known for.

I also loved art and drew incessantly.  Mostly I colored in coloring books.  I was sure that I'd be the next Picasso until I hit high school and watched as the art classes I took slowly dragged down my modest grade point average.

Then I went to college and discovered that I was a good student, but not excessively so.  There was always someone or an entire class of peers who studied less and did better, who succeeded with little effort and made me look completely stupid.

As I matured and grew older, my need to find a niche waned with the business of work and taking care of a home and family.  More recently I discovered that my main talent lay in drinking wine.  Any kind of wine will do.  But I can't really tell the difference between a 1963 pinot from Napa or a 1988 Chateau des Fauginvilles or the kind you get in the box at the front of the liquor store next to the expired pina colada mixer.

I made up those names.  Obviously remembering wines isn't my talent, either.

By now I've learned not to put so much pressure on myself to find a latent talent.  I can paint a wall, draw a picture of Darth Vader for a kid birthday party (for the pin the light saber on Darth Vader game, natch), cook a delicious meal, and even sew up a pretty darn good Halloween costume with reasonable success. 

Earlier this year, I had undertaken a project which I hoped would combine two of my favorite almost-talents: art and wine drinking.  I planned to install an impressive cork sculpture up on a wall in my dining room and failed miserably. 

This week I worked out the problem with this project, and met the challenge with some success.  I am also proud to say that during this process, I discovered another talent that shows hope for my legacy.

Hot glue, baby.


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