Thursday, July 12, 2012

Confessional Tuesday on Wed....errrr, Thursday

I confess that I thought it was Wednesday all day today.

And when I found out it was really Thursday, I pouted because somehow I lost a weekday.  Because even though Monday's my favorite, any weekday is better than a weekend day in my book.

Because that's when everyone else gets to relax, and I inexplicably get more work to do.

Before you begin to feel jealous that my life is so unscheduled that I can actually lose track of what day it is, know that the other day I hid in my bedroom for an hour to compose myself after having a spitting temper tantrum in front of my kids because they whined a little after I asked them to make their beds.  You read that right.  I spit.

Losing a day is no picnic, people.  Or it's a picnic where everyone ate all the hamburgers before you got there, and you're left with a warm deviled egg and a burnt hot dog.


Darn it.

How does this happen?  Clearly, I need a new system.

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