Sunday, July 8, 2012

Is That What I Think It Is?

I’m a neat freak, if you don’t know this already.  I hate clutter.  I can’t relax if there’s a mess that I can do something about.  This is just at my house.  I can tolerate your mess and my mom’s mess and the mess in the movie theater.  But at my house, I CAN’T STAND IT.  CLEAN YOUR ROOM.

My family finds me hilarious.  And by hilarious, I mean profoundly annoying.

I’ve always been consistently neat and tidy, if not altogether clean and shiny.  I will first make piles of dirt if I can’t clean it up right away.  Dirt doesn’t bother me like messes do.  Maybe that’s wrong, but so is judging others.  So stop it.

But sometimes, even if you’re a neat freak, life happens and you can’t clean the messes up in a timely manner.  They will get away from you, and you are left to wonder how things got to be so out of hand.  And then one day you dump out your purse and it looks like this:

And in the midst of trying to figure out why you carry so many panty-liners and tissue packs and pads of paper and cash in a baggie instead of your wallet and a sunglasses case instead of sunglasses, you will find a lime.  And you will question your whole existence.



  1. The old gypsy-soul-free-spirit-hippie-chick me would not have even noticed the lime years ago. But now, (Keep in mind I always joke that my husband gave me his OCD because I can't even brush my teeth if my bedsheets are in shambles.) that lime was all I saw. If it gives you solace, I just dug out a half eaten soft pretzel from our pool bag that had been in there for days. It could've doubled as a ninja star. Sorry, you're probably all itchy now.

  2. I wake up every morning wishing I transformed into the gypsy chick you speak of. However, your ninja start pretzel does give me peace. Thanks for the unity vibe.

    1. Sorry. Ninja STAR. Stupid "F" in typing class.