Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Confessional Tuesday on Wednesday

We got a bad bag of Twizzlers at the grocery store, and I’m a little bit upset.

The problem isn’t the quality, or the freshness, or the taste, or even the price.

It’s that they are, well, they are all twisted up.  Some lazy Twizzler stuffer stuffed those Twizzlers in the bag all willy-nilly.  They are not in neat rows, ready to be peeled from the giant sticky blob of Twizzlers one at a time.  It’s like the Twizzlers were twizzled into knots.

This is offensive.

So that when I am sneaking a Twizzler or two (or five, if I’m being real), I have to remove all the Twizzlers from the bag to get one out without ripping it into pieces, which is noisy and makes it harder to sneak, and therefore I must share with my children, who are candy pigs with supernatural candy-bag-opening senses.
This has me in a twizzy. 
Sorry about that.
I guess what I’m confessing here is not how much this current Twizzlers predicament annoys me, nor that I hate sharing candy with my children, but I eat buy so many Twizzlers that I know when I’ve got a bad bag.



  1. I understand completely. My sympathies. Oh, and there is nothing unreasonable about covert candy eating operations. It's every man/woman/child for themselves in that department. If they're old enough to eat your stash, they're old enough to fight for it! :)

    1. You're so right - it IS look out for Number One in this case. Candy eaters can be animals. You always have to watch your back.