Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Confessional Tuesday on Wednesday

So last weekend we rented movies because we didn’t have any plans for the night and God forbid we don’t have any plans for the night.  OMG WE HAVE A FREE EVENING WE HAVE TO MAKE PLANS

Says my husband.  Not me.  Ever.

Our entertainer for the night decided he’d venture out to the Redbox to rent a couple of movies because we don’t have Netflix or any other kind of home movie rental business that requires a monthly fee, because we are cheap bastards.  He returned home with one family style movie to watch from the hours of 7 to 9 pm, and one adult only movie for 9 pm on.

And not that kind of adult movie, ya pervs. 

Anyway, the two movies that were on deck for the evening were:  The Amazing Spider-Man and Magic Mike, two gloriously current movies that none of us really cared about seeing.

Yeah.  My husband rented Magic Mike for us to watch after the kiddies went off to bed, presumably because he thought he’d gain some side benefit from his wife viewing a movie about sweaty men taking their clothes off.

Hold up.  Let me clarify something that you may not know:  Magic Mike?  The movie that my husband rented for us to watch together?  Is about male strippers.  Holy Patrick Swayze, Chippendale Batman.  I am so not into watching strange men take their clothes off.  Never mind that I loved The Full Monty back in the ‘90s when it was the funniest movie about male strippers I’d ever seen in my life.  Or the only one.  Because male strippers are the worst. 

Now look here.  I am quite aware that there’s a little revival of the female fantasy genre in the arts going on today.  First all the vampires.  Egads, so many.  Then Fifty Shades of Come On Now, Seriously?  The soft porn industry has squealed into our living rooms with a book series that women are embarrassed to be seen reading at the community pool.  These books have their own wing in every airport bookstore.  Now we’ve got Magic Mike taking up space in my brain.  Really?  This is what women want?

Okay.  Maybe women do want these things.  I could be the outlier.

But listen up.  Give me a movie about a good-looking smart guy who takes care of business and tries to take on the world, and another one about a good-looking dumb guy who needs to be taken care of by everyone else, and my preference is crystal clear.  


  1. If only the perfectly chiseled ones wouldn't speak and ruin the fantasy that they are secretly a mis-understood brain surgeon.

    I dated a former male model once. It was good for the ego but bad for the intellect.

    I've always been drawn to the brainy type. My partner has his PhD in Biochem. We can talk, and I'm still really attracted to him.

    You are so right that pretty but dumb is such a turn off. I don't think you are an outlier

    1. "Good for the ego, bad for the intellect" - Perfect.

      I'd like to point out that unless you live in a nudist colony, perfectly chiseled only goes so far. Eventually, all that skin has to be covered up, and then what?

      Thanks for backing me up.

  2. Agh...don't get me started. OK, I won't start. I will suffice it to simply say..."agreed". :)

    1. Agh, you've started it. I'm just glad to have found other women who agree with me.

  3. Could NOT agree with you more!

  4. This is such a great blog... glad to have found it. Funny, interesting and sounds a lot like my life. You've got a new reader.

  5. Exactly! This is why I have waxed prosaid about Batman and Iron Man - really smart dudes with good hair. It is why I married my Hub - smart dude with, er, what's left of his good hair.

    1. Ha ha ha. The thing about brains is that they can more than make up for hair any day.