Friday, March 8, 2013

Let’s Talk About Me for a Change

Do you guys remember when you first got on Facebook and everyone was doing those meme lists and quizzes about themselves so all their Facebook friends would know all the details about them, like if you were any color crayon, what color would you be, and tell us 25 things about you that no one knows about, and how many of these 100 most important books have you read, because that tells us how smart you really are despite all the annoying bragging you do about what college you went to thirty years ago?

Those were the days, weren’t they?

Well, today I learned in one of my favorite blogger’s blogs that these lists were making a comeback, and I’m all in, because I’m a narcissist and obviously love to talk about myself.  Hello, two blogs.  Oh, you didn’t know that I have another blog?  Well, I DO.  Go over there and comment, because my mom and brother clearly aren’t pulling their weight.

So, because I love to talk about myself to a captive audience, and truthfully because I really didn’t plan on writing anything today because Friday is my lazy day (along with Sunday and Monday and sometimes Wednesday), I’m going to help the internets along by resurrecting this list meme.  Isn’t it cute that meme uses my favorite word twice?

What were you doing ten years ago?

Ten years ago, in 2003, I was pregnant, and had just begun a ten-month long leave from my full-time work-from-home job as a research analyst for a marketing research company to spend more time with our son, who was almost two, before I had our daughter.  I was relieved to not have to work every day and it was the start of an 18-month transition into full-time stay-at-home mom.  I was fat and hugely pregnant, had my hair cut ridiculously short which was so not flattering at all, why didn't anyone tell me this? I spent my days at Gymboree and watching Blues Clues and Dora the Explorer, feeling my brain cells melt.

What are five things on your to-do list?

This is actually on the to-do list I keep on my desk, dated January 20, 2013: Go through receipts.  Go through files. File paperwork. Organize recipes. Go through pictures. 

None of those things has even been attempted, as I sit amid piles of papers.  Procrastinator, I am.

What are five snacks you enjoy?

Potato chips with onion dip, and a Coke.  Veggies and ranch dip.  Hershey’s kisses.  Good ‘n’ Plenty.  Crunch ‘n’ Munch.  Red Vines licorice.  Mixed nuts.  Vanilla ice cream.  Chocolate chip cookies.  Sugar cookies.  Peanut butter cookies.  Whipped cream.  Creme horn pastries.  Chocolate croissants.  Oh, that’s more than five snacks?  I could go on forever.  That list took me about 2 seconds to think about, and I didn't even get to the cakes yet.  

Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire.

If I was a millionaire, I’d donate to our church, pay off our mortgage, purchase everything with cash, enroll my kids in private school, and never worry about the price of college or how much money we need to save for retirement.  And I would buy 20 Longchamp bags.

Name some places you have lived.

Pennsylvania.  Arizona.  Virginia.  North Carolina.  Wow.  What a boring question.  Do better, internet.

Name some bad habits that you have.

Drinking too much coffee, eating until I’m stuffed, criticizing my husband, yelling at my kids, speaking without thinking, not staying in touch, expecting others to do everything my way, especially my family OMG WHY CAN’T THEY DO EVERYTHING MY WAY?   A serious Princess complex.

Name some jobs you’ve had.

Other than the aforementioned research analyst, and the obvious wife and mother titles (those are real jobs that are grossly overlooked and we should get paid for them, hello, is there anyone reading who can help me with this problem?), I have worked as an ice cream scooper AND a  frozen yogurt shop employee (best. jobs. ever.).  Bank teller. College ID card maker.  Accounts payable clerk.  Assistant Manager at a record store.  Executive assistant.  Teaching Assistant.  Word processor.  If you’re wondering what this last one is, I typed up documents in MS Word for my boss, who wrote in longhand.  I prided myself on deciphering his handwriting better than anyone else.  Yeah.  It was a long time ago, OK?

So that’s my list.  Read this list, commit it to memory, and I promise you will be a better person for it.  Or maybe just make one of your own and link up (using the Old School Blogging button below, or find it here at Miss Elaine-ous Life), because other than talking about myself, learning about other people’s lives is my favorite thing of all.  Yay internet.

Today is all about me.  Did you get the memo?

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  1. Snacks are my favorite. Especially when they are comprised of copious amounts of sugar. Your list is making me hungry.

    1. Ha ha ha, now go and find yourself some sugar to enjoy. You know that scene in Elf when Buddy the Elf puts syrup on his spaghetti and recites the four main food groups? "Candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup." Yup. I totally get that.

  2. Your snack list is awesome! Chips and soda are 2 of my favorite things, and I haven't had either in a very long time.

    1. I really haven't either. It might be time to correct this. :)

  3. Andrea, you are 100% adorable! And thank you for mentioning memememememememe!!! See why we're friends? ;-)

    See, you were more altruistic than I was regarding the million dollars as you mentioned giving first and I mentioned it last. Do you think that's why you've been graced to be able to eat such a snack list and look as good as you do?

    1. Ha ha ha! Thank you thank you thank you and you are more than welcome. I think we must be sisters. :)

      I'm not sure about your last thought, though. That snack list has a way of creeping up very quickly!

  4. Two blogs - who knew? Maybe I'm dumb...I don't understand more than one. I barely keep up the one I have. :S

    Resisting the urge to fill out the quizzie thing because I really have twenty other things to do today that I have so far managed to avoid.

    1. Ahhhh, avoidance. My favorite pastime. :)

      You do very well keeping up with your blog. I love it!!

    2. Now that cracked me up - good one. And thanks for the compliment. :) Love yours, too - notice I am here and not doing the pile of work that is staring at me.