Monday, April 29, 2013

On Planning the Day

When I began the day I planned on eating a good breakfast.

Instead, I ate a donut.  It was delicious.

When I began the day I planned on walking with my neighbor for an hour.

Instead, I skipped our walking routine because of the rain.  It’s amazing how the rain makes everything instantly green in the spring.

When I began the day I planned on sending an email.

Instead, I edited text for half an hour before sending the email.  I found some mistakes in the text that would have been embarrassing.

When I began the day I planned on getting a head start on the laundry.

Instead, I found a load of clothes in the dryer that I forgot about.  It’s a good thing they were just towels; nobody cares about wrinkled towels.

When I began the day I planned on drinking less coffee and more water than usual.

Instead, I drank the same amount of coffee.  But I did drink more water.   

When I began the day I planned on writing my own blog post first before reading other people’s.

Instead, I read other blog posts before writing my own.  They were good ones.

When I began the day I planned on cleaning bathrooms.

Instead, I decided that I won’t do that today.  They’re not too bad; they can wait another day.

When I began the day I planned on rushing the kids through their morning routine because of their doctor appointments.

Instead, I got smiles and “Love you, mom” all around.

It’s a good thing the day isn’t over yet; I still have time to see what other plans might go awry.


  1. It sounds like you are having a wonderfully unpredictable day. Some days the to do list really needs to go out the window. It sounds like you made the most of that day!

    Oh, and now I REALLY want a donut!

    1. I know what you mean. The worst thing about eating donuts are that they are contagious. Or maybe just addictive?

  2. The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry... Sometimes things just turn out differently than we plan. I say kudos to you for accepting whatever life tossed at you today. Crap happens, you know?

    1. I have to say that the fact that it was Monday helped a lot. Monday's my favorite.

  3. When I planned the day I assumed I would exercise, clean the entire house, wash the windows, turn the earth in the entire garden in preparation for planting, find all the documents in order to do the taxes, organize my cupboards and eat really healthy.

    Instead I got just as overwhelmed as usual with my expectations of perfection that I took a nap and ate some cookies. (sugar free).

    1. At least your cookies were sugar free! That takes willpower. And didn't you know that we burn more calories sleeping than many other activities that I'm too lazy to Google right now?

      Once a friend told me that she learned to do only one project a day, whether it was grocery shopping, laundry, making beds, cleaning bathrooms, whatever. At the time I thought, "Bah. I can do more than ONE thing a day." Now I know better. I'm lucky if I get all the laundry done AND take shower.