Friday, May 24, 2013

Nothing To Say

Sometimes I don't have much to say.

This is one of those times.

But that's okay, because there are lots of ways to fill a blog post.

For instance, by mining the internet.  Everyone knows that the internet is great at filling the spaces between productive times with all manner of interesting subject matter.

Do any Google images search and get back to me.

Sometimes children provide material.  My daughter likes to play Would You Rather?  It's a game where you pose a choice between two impossible scenarios.  We've been playing Would You Rather? for years now.  We've been through stages of this game that range from the nonsensical (Would you rather be an alien or a toilet?) to the gross-out (Would you rather drink twelve jars of pee or eat twelve jars of snot?) to interesting and thought-provoking.  An example of our most recent game:

Her: Would you rather be a raccoon with a super-smart human genius brain or a nerd human with no brain at all?
Me: Uhhhh...
Her: You have to choose!
Me:  Uhhh...
Her:  MOM!  You're terrible at this game!
Me:  Uhhh...
Her: I'm going to watch some TV now.

And sometimes I give up, and just watch TV with my kids. 

Her:  Mom, would you rather be Patrick or Squidward?
Me:  Squidward.  Wait.  No, Patrick.
Her:  Yeah.  Me, too.
Me:  Because he's always happy.
Her:  Yeah.

Cartoons.  It's always cartoons.


  1. When you don't have much to say, the kids will say it for you. Barring that, there's always the two-legged horse.

  2. I thought the funny cow picture I found on Pinterest the other day was awesome. But a two-legged horse?

    Love the Would You Rather...might be time to teach Kidzilla that one. She has a wicked sense of humor.

    1. Oh, it's so fun to listen to what they come up with. Even if it gets a little scary or disgusting sometimes. Mostly disgusting.

  3. I SUCK at would you rather. I can't ever come up with anything good. Probably because I'm too hard on myself and insist on it being a really difficult and witty choice. No pressure.

    Your kid on the other hand? Brilliant.

    1. I'm with you. The trick with Would You Rather is to be as gross as possible. Kids don't notice that you're not witty when you're asking them if they would rather be covered in giraffe slobber or cow snot.

      That's my strategy, anyway. The kids just humor me.

  4. lol I would suck at that game too and yes that horse? Wow just wow!