Friday, June 7, 2013

In Which I Acknowledge Current Events

In recent years we've seen so many weather events wreak havoc on the world's cities, watching news coverage of tsunami, earthquake and tornado destruction, devastated areas from flooding, high winds, and general mayhem that results.

So we've started another summer, and with it comes another hurricane season.

Isn't it cute how they name hurricanes?  You know, give real people's names to events that affect so many lives negatively?

Andrea is the first storm to be named this year.

Prayers of safety and no major damage go out from my heart to the affected areas.

And to those Katrinas, Andrews, Hugos, and Sandys out there:

Respect.  Because everyone's a comedian.


  1. Hurricane season. I'd almost forgotten. {sigh}

  2. Hurricanes. Ugh. Figures...we book a trip to Florida the exact same day that the first hurricane of a "wildly active" hurricane seasons starts. Oh, well...I'm just gonna live on the wild side...we are doing both Florida and OBX for vacations this year. And if there's as many hurricanes as what I heard predicted, well the darn well better name one of them Jessica then this year in my honor!! :)
    (I'm sure you're handling all the 'hurricane Andrea' jokes with great finesse. When I thought about it, I thought, "Oh yeah...that would probably stop being funny after about the fifteenth million joke...") :)

    1. I'm sure if you wouldn't book the trip, this season would go down in the logbooks as the "mildest hurricane season in history." I agree with you - live on the wild side.

      It's okay about the jokes. It means that I'm on people's minds, and also I enjoy rolling my eyes.

  3. How is it hurricane season already?

    I think it's very cool to have the same name as a hurricane. I want one.

    1. Maybe there's someone you could write a letter to?

  4. Aaah you make me giggle. I wish we lived close by so we could laugh together.