Monday, July 15, 2013


I just love summer.  The sun, the warm weather, the people-watching at the beach and the pool – this is my favorite time of year.

But vegetables are by far my favorite part of summer.  I can make a meal out of the bounty that comes from other peoples' and the grocery stores’ gardens.  A salad-holic all year round, my eyes go glassy with the bright, fresh, and crisp offerings that summertime provides. 

My dinner.  Yes, that is hummus, and yes, I am sharing. 
Just so you realize that I’m not a total health nut,
there’s a double G&T just out of the shot. 
I’m not a total wacko.
Who besides me is loving this little baby sweet pepper phase that’s going on right now?  If you haven’t heard about or seen them, let me explain.

The stores are selling these little baby sweet peppers in yellow, orange, and red varieties, just like the best colors of the rainbow.  Serve them at your next dinner party, and it will look like a beautiful nature’s harvest has decamped on your table.  What, you needed more of an explanation than that?  They’re vegetables.  You get them at the store.  Done and done.

Aren't they cute?  I'm going to eat them.

They seem to be actual baby peppers, ripped from their plants at the exact moment of just-ripeness, unlike baby carrots, which are not really babies but are adult carrots beaten into submission by heinous acts of vegetable torture.  Or maybe they’re loaded with chemicals that stunt their growth, like everything we eat these days.  You really can’t get away from chemicals unless you grow your own, unless you live at my house, in which case eating anything that is grown in the yard is sure to lead to a lifetime of disease due to the highway that rolls right behind us, or maybe the layers upon layers of weed-killer that my husband uses to off the approximately ten to twelve dandelions we get each spring.

Seriously, folks.  DO NOT eat anything from my backyard.  And take off your shoes when you come in, mmmkay?

Anyway, I love these little peppers because they are super sweet and crunchy, and you can make a meal out of them.  Just cut off the tops, get rid of the seeds, and look!  You have a little cone!  Like an ice cream cone! That you can fill with oh, I don’t know, hummus, or half a hot dog, or ranch dip!  Or some sort of alcoholic drink, I mean, it’s only a matter of time before someone comes up with an idea that combines these little baby cones with some sort of sweet-pepper friendly shot, right?  Healthy!

 I combined mine with a little bit of roasted red pepper hummus accessorized with celery and green pepper spears.  It was divine, if not gourmet.  If you have a better idea, please share.  I’m not a food blogger, jeez.

Divine!  Not Gourmet!  


The American Baby Sweet Pepper Association did not sponsor me for this review of their most delicious product; all opinions are my own.  I asked to be compensated, and they said that they most certainly do not sponsor bloggers who openly confess to drinking double G&Ts in posts about their product.


  1. OMG they're adorable!
    And tasty-looking!
    Put a shot of tequila in one of them!
    I am such a terrible enabler.

    1. They are tasty! and ooooh I never thought of tequila.

      This is only one of the reasons why I think you are awesome, enabler or not.


  2. I've made mini stuffed peppers outta them that were awesome! My only beef with them is that they sell too big a bag. If I could get a bag that was like a quarter size smaller, it would be perfect. - Tyler

    1. Yum! Stuffed peppers. If there are too many, cut off the tops and fill them with hummus. Or try tequila. I am.

  3. We love these - discovered them last summer when our SuperDisneyMarket was promoting them in the store and their magazine. I like the mini stuffed pepper idea above. We have done them tossed in herbed olive oil with a little salt and pepper and lightly roasted on the grill. Awesome. They do come in those stupid huge bags, though, so you have to make sure you use them fast enough. Although, if you find them getting too old before you use them, why not make soup or put them in salsa!

    1. Your ideas are creative and yummy, and blow mine away, which is just to eat them straight out of the bag like I did earlier this week.