Friday, May 16, 2014

If You’re Wondering What I’ve Been Doing Lately

After the horror show that was this past winter, I’ve been spending some time outside in the yard fixing it up.  I know – it’s shocking.  I – queen of the indoors – have been working outside.  I’m as surprised as you are.

Gardening really isn’t my thing.  I mean, I’ll do it, but tooling around in the yard isn’t my first choice of activity.  There are bugs, people.  Lots of them.  And dirt.  And worms, and spiders that are still in their underground winter homes but now I’m digging where they live and I’m trying not to think about the one that crawled over my hand.  Have I ever mentioned that poison ivy and I aren’t friends?  Fingers crossed that we won’t cross paths this summer.

Despite my aversion to the outdoors, I’ve been out in the yard, making it gorgeous.  Okay, maybe not gorgeous.  I am not a landscape artist.  I could use some professional help.  I’m doing my best here.

This week, I bought flowers.  I went overboard.

Plant us!
Last year, I didn’t buy any flowers.  We blew our wad on a facelift for the house and I decided that we couldn’t spend any more cash on flowers. 

I missed having flowers.

So I blew this year’s wad on them.

Along with the annuals, I bought a few perennials to fill the holes in our landscaping, a shrub, some herbs, even a couple of tropical plants.  Tropical plants love humidity and heat, and our area brings it every summer.

I pulled out all the pots we have and overfilled a few with coleus and something else that is pretty but I don’t know what it is called.  At the store, I quick checked the tag for how much sun it requires and piled some in my cart.  I hope they grow.  They are going to get lots of sun.

We're pretty!

I planted geraniums that had no blooms so it’s a mystery what color they’ll be.  I hope they bloom so I find out.

We're mysterious!

I still have work to do.  There are window boxes on the playhouse and hanging baskets to fill with begonias.  And I planted some marigolds in spots that I meant to place perennials, so I have to casually rip out some marigolds to make room.  

The herbs get their very own pots, as they should.  Look, I’m Martha Stewart.

I have my own pot!

I threw an old poinsettia into the ground to see what it can do.  It suffered this winter by being shut up in my husband’s office, protected from our houseguest.  It can’t do any worse than this.  Did you know that poinsettias are a shrub?

I'm a shrub!

It’s going to look so nice when all the work is finished.  I’m looking forward to the yard looking nice again.

I’m also looking forward to being done with the planting, so I can get back inside.   Who wants to come over and water?



  1. I have never gardened in my life, so COLOR ME IMPRESSED, Ms Andrea!!

    1. Thanks, Alison! It really is not a huge deal. Martha Stewart makes it seem so complex.

  2. I will send you water from Chicago because that is ALL we have been getting from God, lately.
    My yard looks great from the patio door.
    I hope we can go outside by July.
    I miss outside.

    1. If it makes you feel better, I am gazing at my hard work from my desk because it's going to rain here all day today, It is also doing a little raining inside due to a window leak.

  3. YOU. Are so fancy. I am especially impressed at your carefree geranium-planting. I did nothing last year in terms of planting, either, but I'm thinking I'll buy a couple of small items and plunge them into the dirt this year. I've learned my lesson from years past from buying to many plants and then being far too lazy to plant them.

    1. Yes. I really had to keep the motivation going this year since I had bought so much to plant. I've been known to put the flats of flowers in their intended spot in the yard, then ignoring them.

  4. My husband is an avid gardener. He hurt his shoulder last year and I had to help a bit and it felt like total work to me! I hate humidity and bugs and worms. He likes it, though.
    Whew. Someone's gotta like it.

    1. It is total work, and I don't love it, but I was in the mood this year. My husband doesn't love it either, and he is a let's-do-this-as-fast-as-we-can-to-get-it-over-with kind of guy and it can look haphazard, so I took the reins this year and it looks beautiful.

  5. In spring I'm all "Give me ALL THE FLOWERS!" I have no idea how to shop for flowers or any kind of plant life for my home. But it doesn't matter. 2 weeks later they are all dead.

    1. Leigh Ann this comment made me snort. I used to peruse the landscaping magazines at Home Depot to see what works for our climate, but now I just buy what's worked in the past and I generally stick to that rule. So far, so good. The tropicals are what I'm most worried about. I love them, but we haven't had the warmest weather to keep them interested in surviving.