Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall Into Old School Blogging!

(I can’t believe I used that title for this blog post.  It’s so corny.  It’s candy corny.)

We’re a month into fall, people, and things are getting crazy! Happy Fall, Y'all!

Pumpkin spice is oozing out of every product in the land, and children everywhere are getting that glazed “where is the sugar” look in their eyes as they gear up for the biggest candy holiday of them all, Halloween!  Trick or Treat!  It’s the most wonderful day of the year! For dentists!

I like fall okay, I guess.  It’s nice.  Schools open up so kids can return to their natural environment and the weather gets cooler and everybody expects comfort food so there are no judgments against eating mashed potatoes and apple crisp every day.

But still, I have to really convince myself that fall is good, what with the end of beach season and the advent of football on every. single. television. everywhere.

OMG I hate football so much.

But at least fall isn’t winter.  Suck it, winter.

Anyway, there are quite a few things I like about fall, if it has to be a thing.  After all, nobody can be expected to wear a bathing suit year-round, unless you live in the tropics, which I am totally down with doing anytime soon.

I’m sure they have pumpkin spice flavored something in October in the tropics.  You don’t need cool weather for fall. 

Anyway, to celebrate my third-favorite season, here’s some of the things I like about fall, OSB style.  Because even third-favorite seasons deserve a little celebrating.

1. What is your favorite Halloween candy?  Duh – Butterfingers.  There is no other kind of Halloween candy.  Next question.

2. What is one of the worst “treats” you ever received in your candy bag?  Popcorn balls.  Sugar and popcorn sound like a winning combination until you bite into one of those suckers and rip open the roof of your mouth.

3. What was one of your favorite costumes you wore when you were a kid?  In the 6th grade my friends and I dressed as punk rockers for Halloween.  We didn’t trick-or-treat, but sat in our school gym for a costume contest.  I thought I looked amazing.  I really just looked like a sad prisoner.

That's me, keeping it weird since 1984.

4. How about your favorite costume as an adult? My husband and I dressed as Popeye and Olive Oyl one year, and we Rocked. That. Look.  We’ve never been able to top those costumes.

5. What scares you most on Halloween? Spiders? Zombies? Axe murderers? Eyeballs in a jar… (or something else)?  Ghosts.  Ghosts are sneaky, and I don't appreciate them.  I’m also deathly afraid of running out of Butterfingers.

6. So then, what is your favorite scary movie?  I’m no fan of scary movies, but if I had to choose one it would be Poltergeist, despite my fear of ghosts.  It’s really the only scary movie I will watch, mainly because I’ve seen it several times.  I know what’s coming, which is important to me when watching scary movies.  I like to know when to jump and when to cover my eyes and when to leave to get a snack because oh, hey, the part where he peels his face off is coming up.

7. What is your favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal?  Whoa, we really skipped ahead a little, didn’t we?  Let’s see…. favorite Thanksgiving food.  How about stuffing?  It’s the ultimate comfort food, made almost entirely of bread.  I like to make sandwiches using leftover stuffing, which you might think is redundant but it most certainly is not.

8. What is your favorite piece of clothing or accessory to wear in the Fall?  Like most normal Americans, I wear layers of clothing in fall.  I feel like I really get a bang for my buck with all the clothing I can wear at one time.  In summer you’re really just wearing one or two articles of clothing.  In the fall, you can wear up to six or more pieces of clothing, which makes me feel better about having so much clothing.  I like to wear jeans, a shirt, a light sweater or jacket, a light scarf, socks, boots or cool sneakers.  It’s a lot of clothing at one time.

It's no coincidence that clothing and claustrophobia are practically the same word. Clothing.

9. What is your favorite pie?  If you do not like pie I will forgive you but then what is your favorite Fall dessert?  My favorite pie is all the pie.  Blueberry is my absolute favorite but I will make do with coconut cream, chocolate, cherry, pumpkin, and graham cracker.  What is graham cracker pie, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you:  I. Don’t. Know.  I grew up eating it at a local restaurant, and I’ve never seen it since.  The restaurant closed down years ago, so now it only exists in my dreams.  And here on the internet, where nothing is ever lost.

10. Do you live where there are four seasons? If so, where is your favorite place to see the fall colors?  We live in an area where there are, in fact, four visible seasons.  I only have to raise my eyes a fraction to take in the beauty of the fall colors from where I am sitting right now.  A trip on any road to any destination in our area promises eyefulls of gorgeous red, yellow, orange, and even purple leaves.  It is pretty, and I like that I don’t have to make an effort to see it.  I imagine it's normal to me the way it's normal for other people to see the ocean or Mount Everest or The Sphinx every day.  Except I’m just seeing boring old leaves instead of something super awesome or mysterious.

Isn't the view majestic?

And then BAM!  Winter hits and everything turns brown and gray, and every molecule on your skin freezes and you develop a weird cold-weather rash that covers you head to toe until May.

11. What is your favorite fall tradition?  Sending children back to school is number one.  I also like to light candles, curl up with a book and blanket, drink tea and generally act like a cat who drinks tea and reads.  And all of the comfort food-related activities.

12. Is there anything else special about the Fall to you?  Not really.  I mean, I guess I should mention that my husband’s birthday and our wedding anniversary are in the fall, but, you know: third-favorite season and all.  You’re nice, fall.  Thanks again for not being winter.

Suck it, winter.


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  1. What a great laugh this morning! You are the way I propped both eyes open this morning waiting for the kids to eat, dress, and leave! Suck it, winter, indeed! Love the Popeye and Olive Oyl costumes!

    1. I'm so glad you liked it, and that it kept you awake this morning! Sometimes, the little things are very important (especially if they're chocolate, usually, but a giggle on Monday is a close second)

    But if it were real old school, you would have tagged people.
    People are gon' hate me.

    I love your answers because you always make me laugh first thing in the morning and I love to hate to laugh first thing on a Monday morning.
    You do look like a sad prisoner.
    Sad little prisoner....what were you in for?
    Over-using musk spray?
    Playing Pat Benatar over and over and over?
    And over?

    And I just had a giant Butterfinger yesterday,
    No that wasn't a euphemism for something else.

    1. Tagging people is so 2011.
      Maybe I'll start doing that again, too.

      So happy you liked this!

      Why is it that I respond to your comments in the same format you write them?
      It's because you're so influential.

      I was in prison for being amazing at looking sad.

      Butterfingers rock my socks off. And make me split my pants.

  3. You kill me, you do. I love these posts, too, and I may have to spend the morning writing one of these. Your sad prisoner comment made me lol. One year I dressed up like a punk rocker too. Sad times.

    1. I was a punker as an adult, with similar results. Clearly I am not cut out for the punk life. It's because I don't like rips in my clothes. Or fast music. Or anarchy.

      Thanks for loving this post; I hope to read yours very soon!