Some of my favorite posts:

The one in which I compare my hair in 7th grade to my daughter's at that age.  The differences aren't as significant as you think they would be.  In Seventh Grade Hair

The story of how my husband and I met.  We're super romantic: 11/2/97

Me being a parent means that my kids are screwed no matter what.  Providing Free Material for Therapy

My most popular recipe to date, making a splash on Pinterest: DIY: Taco Pinchies

I don't brag about them enough, but I Love My Kids

Anther super popular recipe.  Wow your family tonight and make this - DIY: The Most Delicious Quickie Lasagna

It's not The C Word you're thinking about.

In 10 Ways I Drive My Husband Bonkers, I share my most diabolical schemes.

An oldie about getting kids to sleep at night: Rant

I used to be a substitute teacher for preschoolers.  I'm still amazed they let me in.  I learned more than the kids did - in Schooled.


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